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February 05, 2021 - Friday 6-7:30pm PST - Are Your Past Lives Living in the Present? - with Donna Hartley - Webinar

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This is an online event. We will send you the meeting invite by email upon registering. A replay of this event will be available to each registrant.

Donna Hartley has a unique approach to how past lives “bleed” into and affect your present life.

Understand your patterns and attachments and conquer them.

Appreciate your intense, earthy, interpersonal …romantic…children. 

Learn why certain animals show up in your life.

Comprehend decisions you make in your pre-life planning before you are born

Recognize signs that you have lived before.



Donna Hartley – International inspirational speaker, intuitive mentor and renown past-life reader. She crossed over three times to the other side and returned with powerful insights from Heaven

A former Miss Hawaii and television actress, who worked with Robin Williams and Dick Van Dyke. Donna Hartley has shared her compelling story on NBC, ABC, PBS, and in The New York Times. Donna is a member of the National Speakers Association, Screen Actors Guild and the owner of Hartley International. In addition, she is the author of Fire Up Your Life!, Fire Up Your Intuition!,  Fire Up Your Healing! and the Healing Meditation CD/Download and accompanying Insights workbook and has published six stories in the  Chocolate for a Women's Soul series and two stories in the Chicken Soup series.


Book A Private Session with Donna Hartley for a Past-Life Akashic Record Reading!

Past Lives Readings 1-on-1 on the phone

Tapping into your Akashic Records for an hour Donna gives your four past lives: gifts, lessons, potential and the people from past lives who are in your present life. Her process is called a “bleed” from other lifetimes to your present one.  She uses clairvoyance, sensory and auditory techniques. You can ask questions at the end of each lifetime.  Please record your session.   Donna does sell out so please book in advance.

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*On March 1, 1978 – survived a fiery DC-10 plane crash that transformed her life in seconds and inspired her to testify to change airline safety regulations.

*On March 1, 2002 – diagnosed with Stage III Melanoma and is cancer free and is a champion for skin knowledge.

*On March 1, 2006 – triumphed over open heart surgery to replace a faulty aortic valve and now is an advocate for women and heart disease.

More About Donna
Donna Hartley is an international speaker and author, former Miss Hawaii, and a spiritual coach. She has been on NBC, ABC, CBS, and in the New York Times. Her MasterClass, Fire Up Your Life, is renowned. She is known for her energetic style, full of drama and humor.