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February 17, 2022 - Thursday 5:30-7pm PST - The Path Of The Warrior-Mystic: Finding The True Self In A Time Of Chaos - with Angel Millar - Webinar

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The last two years have brought change and uncertainty. But, despite new threats to our way of life, such times also present us with unprecedented opportunities for self-growth. In this talk, ‘The Path of The Warrior-Mystic: Finding The True Self In A Time Of Chaos,’ we will explore how we can develop the courage to live a more authentic life, true to the Higher Self in each of us.

Take-Aways from the event: 

  • How to reconnect to your purpose.
  • The importance of positive thinking.
  • How to develop a powerful self-image.
  • Structuring your day and doing meaningful work.
  • Finding silence in all the noise of modernity.
  • Becoming a warrior and a creator in the modern age.

    About Angel Millar:

    Angel Millar is the author of ‘The Path of the Warrior-Mystic: Being a Man in an Age of Chaos’ and ‘The Three Stages of Initiatic Spirituality: Craftsman, Warrior, Magician,’ among other books.

    Born and raised in England (and now living in New York City), Angel has been a practitioner of inner-alchemy for over thirty years and a practicing martial artist for more than a decade. He is also a qualified hypnotist, working with individuals to help them improve different aspects of their lives, and a well-known speaker on spirituality, consciousness, and self-development.

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