January 15, 2022 - Saturday 5:30-7pm PST - The Last Ten Ogham of the Celtic Tree Alphabet - Sharlyn Hidalgo - Webinar

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Sharlyn Hidalgo introduces her new book: Celtic Tree Ogham: Rituals and Teaching of the Aicme Ailim Vowels and the Forfeda.

Sharlyn has written extensively in her previous two books about the first fifteen trees of the 25-ogham alphabet known as the Celtic tree calendar.

This new book explores the last ten ogham. She will introduce you to the five vowel trees of the Feda and the last five wisdom trees of the Forfeda. Each tree has a valuable teaching which can add to your own wisdom and help you connect to nature and encourage you in your role as a steward and protector of our planet.

Sharlyn will focus on the teaching of the Yew to demonstrate how she shares the tree teachings, ceremonies, and stories.


Take-Aways from the event:

  1. The 25 Ogham and Trees of the Celtic Tree Alphabet
  2. The Controversy
  3. The Feda Vowels: Ailim/Fir, Ohm/Gorse, Ur/Heather and Mistletoe, Eadha/White Poplar, Ioho/Yew
  4. The Forfeda: Koad/Grove, Oir/Spindle, Uilleand/Honeysuckle, Phagos/Beech, Mor/the Sea
  5. The Yew 

  • Letter and ogham: I, Ioho
  • Keywords: Autumn, eternity, everlasting life, death and rebirth, transition, endings, letting go, reincarnation, cemeteries, ancestors, longevity, counsel and advice, strength, ancient wisdom, the unseen realm, the Otherworld
  • Totems: Raven, crow, owl, vulture, and snake  
  • Guides and Deities: The Crone aspect of the Goddess, the Grim Reaper, Taliesin, death gods and goddesses, the ancestors, and our loved ones who have passed over the veil.  
  • Holiday: Returning to the Winter Solstice and the Winter Solstice
  • Practical Guidance: Let go. Allow for change and learn to embrace it. Make a new start at this very moment.

    About Sharlyn Hidalgo:

    Sharlyn Hidalgo is an author, artist, teacher, and circle leader. Her work with the Celtic tree calendar and the Ogham tree alphabet began with her investigation into her Celtic roots and her love for the trees.

    She is enamored with the ancient spiritual practices of the British Isles that holds great reverence for nature.

    Sharlyn teaches a yearly Celtic tree apprenticeship and holds ceremonies that celebrate the turning of the wheel in the native European tradition.

    She is also a practicing astrologer, tarot reader, and Alchemical Healing practitioner.

    She is certified through Nicki Scully to teach Alchemical Healing which is an energetic healing form sourced in Egypt. She also leads pilgrimages to Egypt. She has a new novel out: The Pharaoh's Daughter.

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