June 18, 2022 - Saturday 11-12:30pm PDT - Weaving the Worlds Together: Celtic Seership and Perceptions of the Otherworld - with Caitlín Matthews - Webinar

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Event time: 

Pacific Time | June 18, Saturday 11-12:30 pm     

UK Time | June 18, Saturday 7-8:30 pm

The ancient Celtic world lived in better connection with the otherworld because it practiced sophisticated methods of understanding and speaking with the otherworld, enabling both sides of the worlds to be woven together.

Its filid (vision poets) trained in the houses of darkness in order to attend to the other side of reality, without the stimulus of sight.

Their curriculum covered twelve years in total, three of which were focussed upon poetic means of divination. Alongside them there were the unprofessional but just as skilled, faithí or diviners, who read from the book of nature.

In every esoteric training today, our first steps include learning how each of us perceives, noting the signs and changes, becoming experienced in perceiving the otherworld and its messengers. In this talk we will discuss these ways and signs so that we can stop the seam between our world and other from unravelling. 

Take-Aways from this event:

  • Learn to read the book of nature
  • Understand the training of a seer
  • How we weave together the two sides of reality together

About Caitlín Matthews:

Caitlín Matthews is the author of over 80 books including The Art of Celtic Seership, The Lost Book of the Grail, and Untold Tarot: The Lost Art of Reading Ancient Tarots.

She is co-founder of the Foundation for Inspirational and Oracular Studies, dedicated to the unwritten sacred arts. She teaches internationally on a range of subjects including myth, ritual and aspects of the Western Spiritual Tradition.

With her husband, John Matthews, she wrote Walkers Between Worlds, Taliesin, The Complete Arthurian Tarot and The Complete King Arthur.  

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