March 18, 2022 - Friday 5:30-7pm PST - Embrace Your Secret Psychic Self - with Angela A. Wix - Webinar

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Are you ready to practice your subtle energetic abilities and fully embrace your spiritual nature, even if you feel you can't yet be open about it with those around you?

In this free event, Angela A. Wix will share about her new book, The Secret Psychic: Embrace the Magic of Subtle Intuition, Natural Spirit Communication, and Your Hidden Spiritual Life.

Get answers to your burning questions around what it means to be a secret psychic. Fully connect with your subtle intuition, overcome common challenges, recognize and receive spirit communication, and learn how to integrate your experience so you don't feel stuck. This resource for learning to fully embrace your personal energetic power may be just what you've been waiting for!

Key book topics will be discussed. These include:

  • Understanding your subtle intuitive abilities
  • Recognizing the natural occurrence of spirit communication
  • Finding the support you need in order to discover and share your hidden spiritual life

Event Takeaways include learning:

  • What it means to be a “secret psychic”
  • Why this topic is important to bring into the open
  • The shared secret psychic experience
  • How to tune in to begin exploring your psychic ability
  • Unique insight on the topic of intuition, such as not understanding a message right away, intuitive abilities seeping into everyday life, and integrating your experience into everyday life.

About  Angela A. Wix:

Angela A. Wix is an acquiring editor for body-mind-spirit titles at Llewellyn Worldwide and is the author of Llewellyn’s Little Book of Unicorns. She is a Certified Medical Reiki Master (CMRM), ordained interfaith minister of spiritual healing, and lifelong intuitive medium-in-training. Visit her at and @AngelaAWix on Facebook and Instagram.

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