March 23, 2024 - Saturday 6-7:30pm PDT How Near-Death Experiences Change Lives - Tales of Healing and Transformation - with Louisa Peck - In-Person

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The event will be held at East West Books & Gifts in Edmonds!

Address: 110 3rd Ave. N, Edmonds, WA 98036

Louisa Peck has interviewed over 30 Near-Death Experiencers and written up their stories for the Seattle International Association for Near Death Studies' (IANDS) bimonthly newsletter. She will dip into this treasure trove of accounts from the other side from people who, while their bodies were without vital signs, shed their physical form and navigated as spirits - observing their bodies from above, interacting with guiding spirits, and in some cases, encountering God. Many have baffled doctors with inexplicable recovery from mortal illness, and all have found that integrating their experience has radically transformed their perspective, freeing them to embrace the power and joy of a life in which love is paramount, one kindness at a time.

Raised atheist, Louisa originally rejected her own 1982 NDE as a mere hallucination, owing in part to the distorted priorities of intergenerational alcoholism. However, crossing over had damaged the veil separating her from spiritual energies, so her guardian angel, Egnacio, was able to communicate life lessons and danger warnings to her directly, much to Louisa's alarm and confusion. After 30 years of telepathic messages, accidental clairvoyance, and even seeing a ghost or two, Louisa at last betook herself to Seattle IANDS to find community with fellow NDErs. Her new book, Die-Hard Atheist: from NDE Denier to Full-on Woo-Woo - Against My Will, will be available for signing and sale.