May 14, 2022 - Saturday 5:30-7pm PDT - The Wisdom of the Body - with Willa Blythe Baker - Webinar

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Join author and teacher Willa Blythe Baker for an evening of reflection on the wisdom of the body!

"Wisdom" and "body" are not words that we often find in tandem.

We generally think of wisdom as something that happens in the mind. But with introspection and inquiry, we can begin to discover that the body--yes, this body that we so often think of in physical terms--is actually expressing wisdom.

It has some deep truths to convey. When we learn how to listen to the body's non-conceptual language, the body may even in time become our deepest, most beloved teacher. 

You'll learn;

How to practice mindfulness in and through your body, Why the body is more honest than the mind, How the body teaches presence, How to listen to your body's wisdom

About Willa Blythe Baker:

Willa has spent the last 35 plus years immersed in the contemplative arts, study of the Tibetan language and culture and other pursuits. She is a thought leader in the somatic mindfulness movement and tends to follow her bliss. She also translates texts (Tibetan to English) as a personal spiritual practice and occasionally for publication.

She was authorized as a dharma teacher and lineage holder (lama) in the Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism after completion of two consecutive three-year retreats in the nineties. In 2013, she received a doctorate from Harvard University in Religion, and was Visiting Lecturer in Buddhist Ministry at Harvard Divinity School 2013-2017.

She is the author of The Wakeful Body: Somatic Mindfulness as a Path to Freedom, The Arts of Contemplative Care, Everyday Dharma, Essence of Ambrosia and numerous articles.

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