May 18, 2022 - Wednesday 5:30-7:30pm PDT - Good News, Bad News: This Too Shall Pass, Said The Astrologer - with Debra Silverman - Webinar

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It is essential that we stay awake and keep our eyes and ears open. The climate crisis is here. The question that is constantly posed is: “What can I do?” Great question!
Debra will take you through The Four Elements. She has done extensive research on hard data relative to the climate crisis. In the name of Astrology, better known as the wisdom of The Four Elements, there are some practical things you can do.It starts with being educated. This talk will be informative, compassionate, and specific to our times.

Take Aways:
  • Be educated/more educated about the climate crisis
  • Gain compassion for our mother earth and the future of our children
  • How you can contribute in helping make a difference starting now!

About  Debra Silverman:

I’m Debra Silverman,
I’m different from any psychotherapist and Astrologer you’ve ever met. I’m irreverent, self-trained, and not willing to stay in the shallow end. I’m humbled to say I’ve worked with every kind of person over the course of my career, from high-performing business leaders, to rock stars, to actresses, to children and everyday people on a mission to have a better life.

One thing I know for sure: we ALL struggle with unconscious saboteurs. The diminishing voices in our heads that hold no truth. Raise your hand if you have an ego… oh look, everyone is raising their hand!

Through 44 years of practicing & studying Astrology in combination with my psychotherapy practice, I unlocked a blueprint that heals the past and silences the mean, negative voices.

Just like everyone else, I spent a lot of my life thinking there was something wrong with me. When I finally combined psychology with Astrology, everything changed. I realized what caused me pain and insecurity was exactly why I was here on this planet. To heal myself.

I was able to release self-consciousness by embracing my Divine DESTINY. In came my purpose and the contribution I was here to make. I realized I had cracked the code. I began my mission of helping as many people as possible to achieve emotional health & wisdom. This has been the greatest fulfillment of my life.

I’ve worked with thousands of people around the world, supporting them to overcome those sneaky gremlins that take us off track. Especially when everything in life appears to be going well. Leave it to those sneaky gremlins to steal your inner peace! I want to show you how to put your gremlin in a seat and have him obey YOU, rather than you obeying him.

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