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November 1-2, 2022 - Tuesday & Wednesday 10-5pm - Atma Buti Level 1: Learn to Heal with Singing Bowls | A 2-Day Intensive - with Ruby Shrestha & Atma Buti

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Learn to Heal with Singing Bowls Course, Level 1 

East West at Ananda in Bothell, WA


Introduction Level 1 - Himalayan Chakra Singing Bowl Therapy

One and Two Bowl Therapy

Level 1 Sound Healing Course is designed as an introduction to the practice of sound therapy.  In this course, you will explore the background into Himalayan Singing bowls.  You will discover the use of the bowls in sound therapy.  You will also have the opportunity to explore using the bowls according to the Himalayan and Vedic Chakra systems.  The use of other sound instruments such as the Tingsha will be demonstrated and practiced.  The overall goal of this introductory course is to give you the ability to use vibrational healing modalities with clients in a supportive and therapeutic manner.

Prerequisite: none

Cost:  $540


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About the Instructor:

Ruby Shrestha is originally from Kathmandu, Nepal. She moved to Boston to pursue international studies in Computer Science before working in Hospital Administration as an RHIA. Her love of sound healing and the growth of Atma Buti and Serenity Tibet made it clear that it was time to make a career move. Ruby is all about spreading the sound energy to the world, to let as many people benefit from this deep, beautiful and natural alternative method of healing as possible. The mantras she loves to chant are another aspect of sound healing that is a part of that gift. She now resides in Boulder, CO with her husband and a daughter.


This event is located at the Ananda Institute of Living Yoga located at 23305 Bothell-Everett Hwy Bothell WA 98021