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October 13, 2022 - Thursday 6-7:30pm PDT - DREAM GUIDANCE Connecting To The Soul Through Dream Incubation - with Machiel Klerk - Webinar

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Machiel Klerk is a licensed therapist, expert and international speaker on dreams. He has travelled the world, studying various cultures, their healing traditions and dream practices.

Machiel’s new book DREAM GUIDANCE Connecting To the Soul Through Dream Incubation, was recently released. He explains dream incubation, an ancient practice that has been used by cultures throughout history and provides practical and valuable information on how dreams can help us in all areas of our daily lives.

He is also the founder of the online organization Jung Platform, which was created as a result of a dream the he experienced. For further information you can go to:

Take-Aways from the event:
  • How to work with your dreams and interpret their personal messages to help you feel happier and more fulfilled
  • How dreams help with love, health, purpose and personal development
  • The creative healing power of dreams
  • How to create your own dream night ritual and formulate a dream incubation question How to take the guidance you receive from your subconscious and put it into action

About Machiel Klerk:

Machiel aspires to provide people the opportunity to connect to their own purpose and soul. He combines his passion for a social mission with a grounded business approach. Responding to a vivid night-time dream he once had, he created the Jung Society of Utah, and then the highly successful organization Jung Platform.

Jung Platform is the worldwide leading organization in providing Jungian and Soul-Centered psychological programs to the general public. The organization has over 150 programs taught by prominent teachers and serves people in over 150 countries. Their free online summits attract hundreds of thousands of attendees.

Machiel has, on numerous occasions, been recognized by his community for founding and growing the non-profit organization, The Jung Society of Utah. He was acknowledged in Catalyst magazine’s ‘Catalyst 100’, an exclusive listing of 100 people who have made Salt Lake City a more compassionate and vibrant place to live. For “making a measurable difference in the lives of Utahns through innovation, collaboration and commitment to the common good,” the Community Foundation of Utah recognized Machiel as one of the Enlightened 50, “a visionary who brings deeply impactful and highly accessible depth psychology education to Utahns.”

Machiel is also on the board of several organizations including the Pacifica Graduate Institute Alumni Association and the International Society for Embodied Imagination.

$25: Entry to the webinar and one copy of Machiel’s new book DREAM GUIDANCE Connecting To the Soul Through Dream Incubation (for US attendees only) shipped to your home.

$20: Webinar Access Only


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