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Restorative Ananda Yoga Asana and Affirmation Cards by The Ananda School of Yoga and Meditation

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About the cards:

The Ananda School of Yoga and Meditation presents Restorative Ananda Yoga flashcards. These beautifully designed flashcards include 21 colorful restorative asana cards with instructions, benefits, and affirmations. One deck of 4x6 cardstock cards are designed to help both yoga teachers and practitioners alike, to maintain a regular practice of restorative yoga. Included in these deck of cards are three Restorative Ananda Yoga routines: A Restorative Class, Restorative Yoga for the Chakras, and a Restorative Intermediate routine.”

Yoga instructors who have completed Ananda’s Restorative Yoga Teacher Training courses (online and in person), will find these flashcards to be invaluable when practice teaching and preparing for their classes. All of the poses covered in the Restorative YTT manual are included in this deck. Yoga practitioners can benefit from having restorative flashcards to receive simple, basic instruction in their practices.

“Taking time out of each day to relax and renew, is essential to living well.” – Judith Hanson Lasater

For questions about the product itself, contact the instructor: Melody Hansen at

Photography by Barbara Bingham.

About the shipping options:

1 set of flashcards is $35 plus shipping. Shipping is $6 within the US, $20 for international. International mail charges an extra $10 for the small metal ring that binds the flashcards, so if you'd prefer to save that money then we can send you the unbound flashcards for a shipping charge of $10 instead. You can then purchase a metal ring yourself or use a ribbon as an alternative!

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