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CANCELLED - November 8, 2022 - Tuesday 5:30-7pm PDT - The Gene Keys - The Map, The Compass & The Art of Contemplation - with Tanmayo Lawson - Webinar

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An introduction to the Gene Keys through the Golden Path, the beauty of a trinity of sequences which shines a light on your unique life codes for Purpose, Partnership's and Prosperity. The Art of Contemplation as the gentle support to transcend shadow behaviour as you reclaim your revitalised embodied sacred self.

Tanmayo Lawson is a long-time student and teacher of the Gene Keys. An embodiment of many lineages, she has the rare gift of penetrating to the core of any issue. Her wise counsel and vast heart anchors these teachings deep into the body, the emotions and our everyday lives. An integral member of the Gene Keys core team, inspiring people through her embodied presence and wonderful sense of humor.

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About Tanmayo Lawson:

Tanmayo Lawson has been leading, presenting and mentoring embodiment programs for well over 30 years. She shines a light of pure awareness on any subject, with a clear mind, and an open heart she guides with precision; the personal or professional.

Born in Scotland, she arrives with a healthy sense of infectious humour that can take the edges off the deepest issues.

Moving beyond trauma, personal, intergenerational or ancestral, has been at the core of her work for many years. When clear perception is entangled with emotional trauma, she instils courage to embrace and release the past making way for your true aliveness.

'All journeys are unique, as are all beings, and all beings are built of an indomitable spirit, they just need some skills and support to remember it'

'Since 2004 through a deep encounter with a rare Venus Transit she was guided to attend a workshop in the UK which was presented by Richard Rudd, the Founder of the Gene Keys.

Since then, she has offered Gene Keys programs around the world with a focus on Purpose, Partnership and Prosperity. She is a Gene Keys Ambassador and is part of the production team. Regularly presents online retreats with Richard Rudd and Elijah Parker.

She is also a co-creator of 'The Gene Keys Guides Programme’ with Richard, Elijah and Sally Middleton.

She has presented at numerous conferences in many countries. Her first encounter with meditation was in the 70s.
Over the years life became meditation, a divine play, with all of its whirlwinds, sorrows and challenges and amazing Grace.

She is the founder of 'Integral Touch of Facial Harmony’. An extremely sensitive treatment that dissolves trauma whilst making space for essential states.
In 1998 she had a vision of Osho and felt called to the Meditation Resort in Pune where she fell in love with a Zen Style Retreat that she has been leading since 2002.
She calls it The Zen Path of Love. 


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