A Rabbit Smacked a Crowded Street in Seattle

by Kevin Raphael Fitch

A Rabbit smacked a crowded street in downtown Seattle. From high up in the sky it was dead before it hit the darkly red cobblestone. Crushed by over 350 pounds of pressure from the Talons of a Bald Eagle, who caught it in Renton, near lake Washington. The event was so sudden that a small crowd heading toward Pike's Market had jumped back, amid cars coming into the historic place.

Horns sounded, but the crowd remained. That was only the beginning.

It was midday. The Sun was at its zenith. The time had come for a lesson from nature. The right people were gathered for the spectacle. Their karmic patterns were accessed, and their class had begun. They were the right audience for the next act.

They required an expansion of consciousness, if only for a moment. It would be all they needed to make an indelible impression on their minds. An astrologer happened by, too. Saw the Rabbit, the crowd, and then looked up at the flying body swooping down and getting bigger by the second. He stood in front of a coffee shop, at the northeast corner.

The small crowd was about to renew its day, without any more ado about the dead Rabbit. The Eagle, with flattened wings, suddenly angled them and touched down on the cobblestone street. Cars tried to get through, from off the main road. The small segment of humanity gasped, as they felt a truly powerful example of unexpectedness. The crowd of over 70 people was silent and present; all extraneous fleas of thought jumped out their minds. Only the Eagle and the Rabbit mattered.

The great bird, with its brown body, yellow beak and white-haired head, stared sharply into the crowd, which stepped forward to get a closer look. They were no longer present, but curious. Traffic was blocked, as drivers stopped to get a glimpse at the people and why they were in a circle. The eagle stretched out its massive wings to over seven feet, which startled the crowd back into presence. It remained for a few seconds, then grabbed its dinner and leaped, flapped, rose. Everyone’s head tilted back. The astrologer took out his device to note the time. It was gone. Its weak scream, heard beyond large buildings, reminded the astrologer of something he heard his teacher say:

Annex consciousness to the primal whorl of life, which flows like wings through every moment.

Kevin Raphael Fitch is an author and astrologer. He is available for readings at East West every Thursday and on the last Sunday of each month. Call the store to book an appointment.


  • EthanAug 20, 2019

    Hi Ranjani, yes, he does phone appointments. You can call the store to setup a time. 206.523.3726. Or his business phone, 360.932.9441

  • RanjaniVictoria Aug 14, 2019

    Does Raphael do telephone or email readings?

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