Written Video Script:

Change is afoot. Have you noticed? In the Pacific NW, we’re moving from a record dry summer (third driest in a century) to days of drenching rain. The temps have dropped dramatically and the smoke has finally cleared, metaphorically and literally.

I’m an intuitive reader at EastWest, and after several months of retrograde planets and their influence: clients feeling stuck, relationships gone awry, and key projects on hold -- the heaviest retrogrades are in their last stages or finally done. So many clients feel they are in deep transition, launching major projects in new directions. Credit a beautiful earth-sign trine on the Pisces New Moon on August 26 for people beginning to move ahead in real ways.

Settle into the season, but not completely yet. After all, Libra is also a cardinal sign, associated with new beginnings. Fall may mark the end of summer, but it signals a new cycle. In the world of nature, trees bear fruit and seed new growth. In the world of Man, we get serious and head back to school or work. Appropriately, the Jewish New Year occurs in September. Rosh Hashanah, which translates literally as “head of the year” was September 9-11, 2018). Religious scholars say this is the one time of year that we can glimpse the Book of Life. Several years ago, I happened to see a vision of the Book of Life. It had shimmering gold letters that changed, like life itself. The pages were bordered by growing vines. This vision “coincidentally” was on Rosh Hashanah.

Celebrating new life is so appropriate now! Fall is the time of bounty. Yes, summer is fading but all the season’s work is evident: abundant fruits on laden branches, neighbors sharing garden produce, and full larders. Now is the time to sniff out a farmer’s market or better yet, a Northwest farm. Taste the best apples in the world! (Pink Pearl, Ginger Gold, Macoun, – so many apple varietals, so little time! Don’t get me started on mushrooms. It’s the only time of the year to gather my favorite – lion’s mane mushrooms, deemed a superfood.)   

The point is to explore the sights, sounds and scents of fall, as this Equinox video intends.

Welcome fall in with a ritual, formal or informal. A more structured ritual might acknowledge the four directions, the four elements, and spiritual guides. An informal ritual might be as simple as lighting a candle and placing it in the window, or enjoying a glass of wine soaking in the tub. Meditation and intentional rest are important to observe. Whatever you do in your ritual, feel it with sweetness, genuineness and passion. That’s much more important than exact timing or rote observance!