Looking at Earth from the Sun - by Raphael

by EW Staff

One of the many uses of astrology is the coordination of world events to the complexities of the cosmos. Mundane astrology and Astro-cartography are close fits to this angle of observation or different ways to look at something. Astrology has much to do with the skill of looking.

As all events and manifestations lend themselves to computation, so, there is no end to the tabulation of data. Indeed, data is all around us. Witness the meteor shower, whose peak was passed on Saturday, the 4th of January. Could you notice any tangible affects in your body/mind/spirit? What did you learn or take from it? The shower is timed to end the 10th of January.

Meteor showers or Sunspots, like gestures of the hand, alter the direction of cosmic waves. Constructing a horoscopic map, then looking at it, may alter the energetic state of the entity for whom it is cast, whether it be a country, a person or event. How could this be so? All is one.

Ralph waldo Emerson, in his essay "Circles," wrote: "There are no fixtures in nature. The universe is fluid and volatile."


"Our globe is seen by God as a transparent law, not a mass of facts." 

If human beings, like all else, are made up of high-energy photons of light, then, once one glances at a horoscope, and mentally inputs the meanings to the various planets and signs and houses; positions, relationships, dignities, etc., one changes or collapses the wave-function of the map, and, by invisible links, alters the morphic-field of the individual or country or upcoming event, into those definitions and judgments.

We do this all the time, to some extent. So, as they say, “no worries.” Yet we can be more aware of the power we wield at every moment. We can handle all souls with care.
Indeed, space is saturated with trillions times trillions of possibilities. Yet, the tools of the more popular astrology have a few formulas, in comparison, to comprehend infinity. Yet much is still useful despite the uneven balance of potential. The study of astrology is useful, yes, and can lead to heightened intuition and to a relationship to Great Solar Teachers and teachings. One must look at the heavens, lovingly, thoughtfully and heartfully once or twice a day. Feel for the heavens’ response. For they are also looking out from their point in nature.

The Sun is a wonderful teacher. It apparently stays put, like a figure sitting for a sketch, by the artist, that is you and me. It remains seated in the sky, to be drawn, admired, worshiped, even. The more profound of heart and thought, in ancient ages, observed the Sun’s habits and in looking, established laws or rules of measurements, based on the beginning and ending of solar cycles. These led observers to make up math formulas to assist in measuring out materials for carefully designed buildings and edifices.
Civilizations and cultures were developed from the habits of the Sun. Many of the streets in ancient Egypt were aligned with the rising of certain stars, namely, Regulus. The Great Pyramid of Giza, a compositor of solar science, is one of the highest emblems that our fellow Earthlings have erected. All planets within this solar system obey the Sun.
When one looks to the heavens one is asking to learn. Using astrology is analogous to making a call. The answer from infinity engenders greater self-realization, which is the whole point of this study, among other lofty accomplishments. The chart is a touchstone for experiencing the solar fire moving within one’s field. Is astrology an end in itself? Learn as much as possible and “let the tablet of the astrologer not become a dried skeleton” (Morya El).

Anytime one examines a chart, there is an interlink of the soul to the Sources behind the planet, displayed on the figure. To sensitive souls, this feeling of connectivity to the Livingness behind the stellar bodies, can be theirs as they appreciate the subtleties of this most ancient and deep science and art.

Below is a Sun-centered chart of the decade, to which humanity has been inserted. In this chart, we are looking at the earth and planets from the vantage point of the Sun, instead of the usual astrological way. It’s a different angle of attack. I will write just a few introductory things about it.

The quadrant with the most planets is the 4th quadrant, which is in the space between 270 and 0 degrees. There is no Moon, Ascendant; therefore, no Houses, vertex Point, and no Sun. The Earth, represented by the cross within the circle, is at 10 degrees and 42 minutes of Cancer. It is polarized, therefore opposite the Sun, at 10 Capricorn 42.

There’s an accumulation of light in this sector, which Phillip Sedgewick, who wrote the book on Heliocentric Astrology, describes as the Application of Space. This sector pertains to a collective involvement with one another, on a grand scale, as the three signs of Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces refer to large-scale human interaction.

Sedgwick, author of: The Sun at the Center, points out that each one must have a sense of their thrust of purpose, with the goal of making a difference. From an esoteric perspective, these three signs are impersonal, as they represent higher cosmic realities that embrace larger portions of that entity known as Humanity. Humanity is the 4th Kingdom in nature.

The application of space, to me, affords one the opportunity to provide a service through the currents of space that reach all humans, as well as the other kingdoms: animal, vegetable, and mineral. Space is an entity, and has a life of Its own, and those who study astrology, are actually tracking the times and seasons and cycles and energies of THAT entity we call space. The planets and stars and galactic clusters are Its phenomenal appearance. If a person imagines one of their own cells, say, a liver cell, attempting to get a sense of the entire body of which it is an integral part, then, by analogy, we can begin to sense our connection with THAT vast body of Divine Life wherein the cosmic drama is played out.

Our every thought conditions the whole of space. As in Ho’opono pono or Matrix Energetics or Conscious Language the central idea is to work on oneself and not just on outer conditions; while still being involved with the outer world. For what one perceives out there is a mathematical reflection of what is going on inside. Yet, we use time, space, and the other materials of our planet to realize higher states of consciousness.

Therefore, our responsibility is great as we watch our thoughts and direct them in a heart-centered fashion, joyously, lovingly, and judiciously to our neighbors. Our neighbors include those we see and those who we do not yet see, and who live in higher dimensions of being, within the space we may be occupying, right now. This is the challenge of the decade. This is a major initiation of Earth, a living, breathing, God-Being.

Thought is a Chemist
Thought is karma
Thought is a belief in one’s mind
Thought is an agreement
Thought can purify space

As a cell in the body of space, our size is no barrier. Ponder the words of Yoda. He said to Luke: size matters not, look at me, judge me by my size do you?

Kevin Raphael Fitch is an astrologer at East West Bookshop.  He is available on the 4th Sunday of each month.  Call 206.523.3726 to make an appointment. 

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