Offer, Endow, Lead by your Star - by Kevin Raphael Fitch

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Kevin Raphael Fitch is the newest astrologer at East West.  The author of several books, Raphael brings a technical mastery coupled with a poetic sensitivity to his readings.  He will be offering appointments on Sunday, March 24th, and at the Psychic Fair on Sunday, March 31st. 

Having been asked to submit something for the Blog page, I was reminded of a few spiritual practices that I engage in daily. I trust that my sharing here will be useful.

If one delights in mentally picturing thought-forms, that feature the finest geometries and tones of beauty—then these will, most assuredly, as day follows night, be seen and experienced as one’s personal reality. How did we arrive at where we are now? I asked myself the same question while being ready for the next word.

It’s been said that thought is karma. One can attract and keep near oneself lofty forces. I prove this to myself daily. The currents of space, via, astronomic events, are always being modified and adapted, as they pass through a person’s thought and feeling matrices. When I consult most clients, I present this truth for them to test out themselves. One must be one’s own proof. What shapes in imagination are we cutting out, with what Florence Shinn calls the scissors of the mind? What kinds of imagined shapes are being empowered now, by the natal and transit rays of Saturn, the Sun, or Uranus?

What people call Mercury Retrograde can be stated another way: Mercury is closer to earth, some 48 million miles away. What, then, does closeness with Mercury entail? It can be considered a type of peculiar repast of Mercurial food. Maybe we get an infusion of Mercurial stuff/energy three times per year. We have time to digest Mercurial substance, after Earth’s closer communion with Mercury as the planet moves to its farthest distance from us, to reach 138 million miles.

One may amplify or diminish a stressful astrological configuration, by the state of one’s being. If one accepts, as Paracelsus wrote, that man is heaven and heaven is man, and that the stars are within, one can generate a new way of thinking about oneself. I have found much usefulness in this train of thought. I have also appreciated that one’s astrology affects others; so how a person deals with their personal astrology will influence others. One can in a sense, manage the energy of one’s own chart, and protect or shield another who may be implicated in the horoscope. (More about this in another blog.)

Is it scientific to think that the planetary rays are only affecting the owner of the chart? Just like sparks are emitted by smashing a huge hammer on white-hot metal, the sparks of one’s own being, via the dint of one’s stressful and strained astrology, extends beyond one’s domain and does affect others.

Also, one may consider the whole of humanity as possessing a collective astrological portrait, and with this awareness, undertake a more conscious and loving responsibility for the avalanche of energy pouring into them each second—and knowing that they are adding to the harmony of the whole of humanity. I take great joy in seeing everyone I meet, as a representative of humanity. This idea can be extended to include our entire solar system. By being 100% responsible for each sending, via, one’s creative faculties, one builds a celestial bridge of incidence to the far-off worlds. One’s spiritual muscles are strengthened. This happens through co-measurement. The phenomenon of man must be measured on a cosmic scale. When one measures oneself with the cosmos, each wave of the hand, each blink, each thought resonates throughout infinity, reaching the curvature of space, and returning with all new possibilities added to it. A potentially stressful or strained transit/progression point turns into a barely felt pinprick.

Such is the inner ability of each one to work with their personal astrology, rather than having their astrology work them over—yet even That can be a useful teacher.

Kevin Raphael Fitch

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