Self Mastery for Lazy People

by EW Staff

We all know what will change our lives. Some know they want to work out more often, others to give up gluten, others to mediate. Whatever it is that will move your life into a higher gear, you know it. So why are you not doing it?

You may look at others who have Self Mastery with envy and think: "How do they do it?

"I could have a body like that if..."
"I would be so much more peaceful, more connected if..'"
"I could buy that big ticket item if I had only.."

You may look at others and wish you had committed to your practice months before so you could be enjoying the results now. And you may blame your parents for not modeling goal oriented behavior.

Self Mastery is about taking control of your energy, thoughts, and moods It is about not giving into moods, addictions and habitual unworkable patterns of behavior. When you have Self Mastery you have personal sovereignty and self autonomy. The roots of Self Mastery are in self love. Self discipline can only get you so far, as many of us have found out. After a few weeks of being powered by self discipline we lose steam and return to our old habits. We stop our daily practice of mediating, exercise, giving gratitude, etc and return to our former, lackluster, familiar way of being.

People come to me as a Psychic Embodiment Healer to feel better. I use my psychic gift to help others finally see what has eluded them that has been in their blind spot causing them suffering. One of the first questions I ask new clients is, "What are your daily practices?" Most of my clients identify as spiritual people, saying they make their spirituality one of their top priorities. But most do not have a spiritual practice they do everyday. They tell me they "think spiritually," read spiritual books and watch spiritual films, but have no regular practice. Those that say they do have a spiritual practice, when reflecting say their spiritual practice is irregular. "It is the first thing to go,'' they say, " in the face of family/work pressures and responsibilities."

Many do sessions with healers and shamans, attend workshops, listen to new age shows and read illuminating books, collecting great practices, like shoes that they do not use regularly. They may complain that the practices take too much time or require too much set up. But what we know is what you do everyday is what really changes your brain, your energy and your perspective. It is what you do consistently that can upgrade you.

Alas, many people are what I call, "Spiritual Tourists". They try this and then that. They sample teachers, matrices and practices, moving from one shiny thing to another. Unaware they are not making headway and are traveling in circles. I have been hearing for years, to not teach deep, complex practices, but to teach simple practices people can do under almost any condition.

That is why on Sept 14 from 10:30 -1pm, at East West Books in Seattle, I will be teaching Self Mastery for Lazy People. We will do two things. One, bring to light your inner saboteur and begin to transform him/her into your strongest advocate. Two, you will learn and practice simple, quick practices you can do on the go wherever you are and with whomever you're with that will tangibly upgrade your sense of well being.

See you there!

Colby Wilk
Psychic Embodiment Healer

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