Virgo, the Divine Servitor of All - by Kevin Raphael Fitch

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Shortly before the Sun entered the first sign of autumn, my friend and I were heading toward the edge of town, which is what it looked like at the time. And from the west we heard a cry, as if the suffering of an entire world had poured through a huge throat. We turned the corner, stepped into a dark alleyway, and beheld a beautiful animal being beaten almost to death, with a lash.

Night was all around us, save for a faint light coming through the animal and the punisher. “That being,” my friend said,” is humanity as a whole and that beautiful creature, are the powers of nature and the forces of the elements.” As we stood on the ether of space at the edge of a distant world, my friend pointed to a galaxy past Andromeda. “What you are witnessing is happening to humans over there, within that milky band of stars.” 

I asked. “Why are they here in our galaxy?”

“My son, there is no here nor there. All is present right here and now and what happens anywhere happens everywhere. This is the conundrum of most of humanity, who see things as separate, which invites feelings of separation, which produces inharmony. These two beings are dwellers in one house, composed of the same cosmic light substance.” Upon hearing the words of my companion, just then the punisher stopped beating the beautiful creature.

My companion smiled at me, and every particle and wave of me, became resplendent. I felt enfolded by love, as if by the whole universe. “According to their perspective,” my friend said, “humanity on earth are in the sign of Virgo, the sign of service. And I, as the Spirit of Astrology have invited the whole of earth’s people to this schoolroom inside this Sun of all suns, to learn the lessons of Divine Service. Virgo, the servitor of all, is the protector of the light of each soul.”

My friend, who is The Spirit of Astrology, and I, began walking closer to the punisher and the beautiful being. The ether around us had shone with a greater light-radiance that engulfed the two beings before us. They both simply looked in our direction, but more so, at my companion.

She said: “My children, I AM your mother Virgo and I AM also your servant, for I serve by mothering the light in you, that your outer garments of flesh, composed of fire, air, water, and earth may glow as the stars, as the substance of the stellar worlds of which you are composed.” I stood by my companion as her voice vibrated throughout the far-off worlds, throughout infinity; then, returning with responses from great cosmic masters, within the cosmic egg.

The punisher dropped the lash, and the beautiful creature no longer suffered. Both ceased to be separate. We watched, as the powers of nature and the forces of the elements merged with the humanity of that world called earth and stood upright. Where there were two, there was only The One.

“Now, my son,” The Spirit of Astrology said to me, “for it is dawning there, and you have a service to perform” She lifted me up, over 12 feet into the air, and kissed my forehead. “Now, therefore, return to your earth…and remember…remember…remember.”

I awakened to my Basenji licking my face. I rubbed my hands together and petted my beautiful dog-friend. My wife was still resting. I got out of bed and stumbled to the window. The Sun’s light peaked from under the eastern horizon. A new day of service had begun.

Raphael is an astrologer at East West. He is available every Thursday and the last Sunday of each month. 

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