E.L. Scott, MSc | Holosynthesis Consultant

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E.L. Scott | Holosynthesis Consultant

Erin’s services offered here at East West Books & Gifts will focus on your astrological imprinting, your evolutionary potentials and your current life cycle, while bringing in other facets of information however optimal for you during our time together.

The work can act as a catalyst to bring radical clarity and an understanding of your life - your naturally encoded narratives, wound drivers, unconscious patterning, and your naturally encoded qualities and evolutionary mastery arcs - and the intrinsic role that Mind plays in your process of unfolding. Naturally aligned joys, strengths, relationships and relationship dynamics, career/work, family dynamics, home/place, mental functioning, communication style, emotional processing, fears and avoidances, internal/external orientation, creative interests and expression, spiritual orientation, inner truths and grounding. Through this foundational understanding, and recognizing your distinct filter of perception, you are able to see clearly, engage in your power, and participate differently. Default suffering transmutes into natural freedom of mind and a more joyful natural flow of life.

Information/narratives drive the form of your life. As every system is naturally, intricately enmeshed within the greater whole, and inherently reflective of it, the astrological blueprint contains detailed information and serves as a clean foundation for much of the Holosynthesis work here. Why? Because you are intrinsically part of the Web of Life and operate naturally as a microcosm of the macrocosm. 

While astrology is not required to access present moment clarity and actuate freedom from suffering, it serves with pristine accuracy those wanting to gain clear understanding of their life (path, patterns, growth arcs) while simultaneously recognizing their role within The Whole. 

Other work to awaken ever deeper self-clarity emerges from that optimal starting point.


Holosynthesis refers to our individual and collective natural alignment (wholeness) by way of combining the intelligence and optimization of natural systems, the understandings of psychological and astrological structures, and the foundational efficacy and obligation of consciousness processes. To learn more, click here. 


BIO | MSc Holistic Science, BA Psychology, BA Fine Art, and 34 years of metaphysical studies with numerous entities including The Berkeley Psychic Institute, The Findhorn Foundation, Esalen Institute, and Damanhur Foundation. Numerous foundational learnings from high-perspective teachers including Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Rupert Spira, Frijof Capra, Arne Naess, Satish Kumar and countless others.

E.L. Scott, MSc
Holosynthesis | Natural Alignment
Personal Transformation for Collective Evolution™