January 20, 2024 - Saturday 1 PM-2 PM PDT - Monthly Omega Talk- with Khorsian Blanc-Ridings - In-Person

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Does an old German folktale have anything to convey to our modern minds                                                                      that we do not already know?


Can this story be supported through resources, both scientific and spiritual?


What is the universal essence of its message?


Three Archetypal Keys are contained in its title:


  • Mother Holle = The all-inclusive nature of a Mother Goddess
  • Portal = Gateway
  • Well = Mirror of water to an Otherworldly Dimension


Yet, subtle keys present in the story underscore the importance of making conscious choices, conscious actions on our evolutionary journey:


  • How do you deal with the stress and fear when invited to enter another way of viewing Life?
  • Why is respect for Nature the starting point of respect for the Cosmic order?
  • What does it entail from you – to serve the Greater Whole?



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We are a group of volunteers holding these events from a place of love, wishing to share this energy and knowledge simply for the raising of humanity to a place of unity.  Together, these talks form a unique program taking place across our planet and are given throughout the world, in the same way they are given to you.   All events will be FREE and held in a spirit of acceptance, respect and friendship, in cooperation with the Call to Friendship Association.