June 6, 2024 - Thursday 7-8:30pm PT - Intuitive Together - with Justin Crocket Elzie, Deni Luna, and more

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This is an online event held via Zoom. 

Celebrate and prepare for all the goodness of June’s auspicious New Moon with a supportive, intuitive Tribe. Native Americans called the June Moon cycle “The Birthing Moon,” “New Flower Moon,”  and “Sweet Honey Moon.” It’s said that nectar from flowers blooming now create the sweetest honey.

Sweeten all aspects of your life! Get astrological advice on June timings, meditative insights, and a seat to participate in a fast-moving group psychic reading (only $10).  Or get all that and a personalized reading from four advanced psychics (total $35).

Join EW’s masterful Intuitive Panel: Justin Elzie, Deni Luna, and Miki Keogh with a special cameo appearance by Grace Sequoia.  June 2024 will be a highly productive time – for those who know how to navigate the powerful energy! Strategically use this time of potential good luck, improved relationships and work success. 

Maximize the last days of increasing light that lead to June’s Solstice Full Moon.

Register as a viewer for Intuitive Together ($10) or the personalized reading level ($35). Either way, you’ll get a lot out of this class.

Once you register, we’lll send your Zoom link.  If you sign up for a personal reading ($35) please send your birth information (date, time and place of birth) to luna.deni@gmail.com so we can have your chart prepared.  For faster service on your individual reading, write “Intuitive Together Astrology” in the subject line of your email.