October 05, 2023 - Thursday 5:30-7pm PDT - Have You Met Hafez? - with Gary Gach - Webinar

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Have you met Hafez? He's the pinnacle of poetry in the history of Persia – where poets are what philosophers were in Athens. And he is one of the titans of world literature, on a par with Basho, Blake, Dante, Emily Dickinson, Goethe, Pushkin, and so on. Rumi is a deep ocean of wisdom. Hafez is a brilliant multifaceted diamond. Because he speaks to a such a myriad of themes, he's commonly used for divination in Iran, even today.
The ultimate Persian mystic lyric poet is now made new in an innovative translation. Join us as translator Gary Gach introduces us to this avatar, his 13th-century world of Shiraz, and why he matters to us today.

This presentation will bring us a clearer understanding of …
• What Is Sufism?
• The Symbolism of Wine
• Faces & Phases of Mortal & Divine Love
•  Timeless, Ancient, Living Wisdom
•  Fruition – Opening the Eye within the Heart
• Contemporary Iran

This is a free event held via Zoom. It will be recorded and the replay link will be sent out to registrants via email following the webinar.

About Gary:

Author of Preparing the Ground, Poems 1960–1970. Following this first book, and a conversation with mentor George Oppen, he decided to hold his poetry back and listen as previously marginalized voices were becoming heard in so­ciety. With Brother Anthony of Taizé and Young-moo Kim, he translated three books of poetry from Korean by Ko Un. His an­thology What Book!? – Buddha Poems from Beat to Hiphop, was honored with an American Book Award from Before Columbus Foundation. He's also author of Complete Idiot's Guide to Buddhism, and Pause … Breathe … Smile. His work’s been published in various anthologies and periodicals including Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here, Book of Luminous Things, Brick, BuddhaDharma, City Lights Review, The Covid Transmissions, Counterpunch, Drunken Boat, Earth First!, Ever­green Review, Exiled in the Word, Hambone, Harvard Divinity Bulletin, Language for a New Century, The Nation, Poems for the Millennium, Technicians of the Sacred, Tricycle, Two Lines, Words without Borders, Yoga Journal, and Zyzzyva. He practices in the Plum Village Tradition.
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