September 14, 2023 - Thursday 7-8:30pm PDT - Intuitive Together Virgo "New Harvest or Corn Moon" - with Justin Crocket Elzie, Deni Luna, Michelle Keogh, and Neil McNeill

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This is an online event held via Zoom. It is not in-person.

Nakshatra- "Uttaraphalguni" Pada (1) - Doing the Hard Work and Working Together with Resoluteness and Patience for the Betterment (perfection) of society.

Get group or individual readings from our talented intuitive panel: Justin Elzie, Neil McNeill, Michelle Keogh, and Deni Luna.

Two Ways to Engage:
Watch Show only: $10 (no personal reading)
Show + Individual reading from our intuitive panel: $35

Once you register, send birth information (date, time, place) to so we can have your chart ready.