Around this time, more of us create new goals than watch the Super Bowl. That’s a lot of people. However, less than one in 10 will actually accomplish our newfound goals. What’s the use? Goal-setting should heighten your focus and productivity, not induce more guilt. So here’s a better way to go about setting – and achieving – your goals.

1. Enjoy the Present.
Even before you set new goals, celebrate your victories. Savor the present – and the recent past. One of my most satisfying memories is spotting an eagle on New Year’s Day. Now, at the other end of that same year, I find that the symbology of Eagle is all around me, in ways I hadn’t expected. All this synchronicity is satisfying, as if I’ve come full circle.

Remember what truly matters. In the end, few will remember job titles. But presence, smiles, kindness – those define you. The American mystic Edgar Cayce defined life purpose in this way. Cayce reminded us that our uniqueness could be defined by little things, our way of being.

2. Go with the Flow -- what wants to come in?
Astrologers acknowledge a “cusp” period, when the old goes out and the new creeps in. About 90 days before the U.S. New Year, new themes emerge. New people enter your life. This coincides with the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah) and New Year’s traditions in Egypt and Nepal.

3. Visualize It
Create a Vision Board. Cut out pictures, draw or visualize what you want in your life. Think big. You might be surprised. No matter how lofty and “unachievable” goals seem at the time, what I wish for eventually gets manifested. Perhaps it’s the Law of Attraction.

4. Make it Doable, Pleasant
Think in small, doable steps. Break a phone call down into smaller steps like “look up telephone number.” The key is to get the movement going through small, manageable steps. When you go through your small steps, make them pleasant. Smile, even if you’re on the phone.

5. Measure It.
If you can measure it, you can change it. Aside from production goals, a measurable goal can include time spent. Set your timer and get moving!

Keep it small. A minute of exercise is better than nothing. It will get your heart pumping. Similarly, five minutes of meditation can work wonders. Even a few seconds can matter, including a kind act.

Remember the Pareto Rule. Eighty percent of your work will be done in 20 percent of your time.

6. Immerse your full self
Work with your superconscious (through prayer or intent) as well as your subconscious (through dreams). Before you go to sleep, ask your dreams for guidance.

7. Play
Play music. Take breaks. Relaxation will up your productivity and lower your blood pressure. Your brain needs a change every seven minutes, so reward yourself frequently. Treat yourself. When I reward myself with a few moments of play, life is much more fun– all those endorphins flood in.

Remember that your journey IS the destination.

8. Finally, don’t be too hard on yourself.
No one is perfect. Circumstances change. We can learn powerful lessons from our mistakes.
Achieving balance is important – just do the best you can. Exercise. Rest. Find beauty. Everyone has the same 24 hours. Use your time to bring you happiness and satisfaction. Following her diagnosis with cancer the late Irma Bombeck wrote, “If I had it to do over again, I would have burned the rose candle.” She had it right.

Life is for living now. Enjoy!

---Deni Luna is an intuitive life coach and psychic, working Mondays at East West. On Tuesday, January 8 (2-4 pm) join Deni and medium Justin Elzie at East West for a live audience show on psychic messages and fine-tuning your own goals.